Drainage Drainage Drainage

So much rain. Not enough drainage. We were right there. Ready to open. And the rain is beating us. But better to know now. So we’re on hold until we get a retaining wall put in. We’re hoping that this coming Friday will work. Pics to come.

We got the POWER!

Pretty awesome day yesterday. They finished installing the meter at the Cumming greenhouse! That means we can get the wiring finished up and the fans running! We should be growing really soon!

Happy New Year ! 2018 Updates

The holidays and slipped by and 2018 has come on like a bear! This year is going to bring some BIG changes for Sweetwater Urban Farms. And changes that we are excited about and are ready for! Well, we think we are…

We spent a good deal of time working on the new Cumming greenhouse over the holidays. Was actually there shoveling gravel on Christmas Day. But we have made great progress and should be growing February. At some point here we will start posting pictures. It’s going to be a very eclectic, functional, and IOT packed space! (Don’t know what IOT is? I’ll be explaining that as we get things going.)

More opportunities are coming quickly and we will be announcing those soon. Stay tuned!

Snow on the Greenhouse

I dont have a good picture to share today but we had an “over preforming” snow hit our area. Its beautiful. The new Cumming greenhouse is shaping up nicely. Will finish the walls this weekend and plastic should go on next week. Heater and fans will follow. We should be growing in there at the first of year!

Going Local for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (and still no turkey in my house) I found this article interesting. Of course, given our mission, I like the idea of sourcing local for your Thanksgiving dinner. Just one more reason that were excited to be part of this movement (‘ll call it that just because I  can’t think of a more clever word). Enjoy the read. And from all or us at Sweetwater Urban Farms we wish you and yours a very thankful day.


Land to Table Farm Tour

We had a great time this last weekend in Chattanooga at the Land to Table farm tour. Grace and Mathew have a wonderful farm and are the perfect host. We had a chance to review their work with solar power and water reclamation as well as a chance to show off the tower gardens that Grace and Mathew have in their greenhouse.  Excited to be part of this community!

Update – Cumming Greenhouse

The trees are down and the site is level. Ready for the hoops to go up! Goal is to be up and growing by the end of the year. Still ALOT to do but I have faith! Thanks for all the support!

Electric Works – Fort Wayne

Were on an epic road trip to visit some of our projects. We were onsite in Fort Wayne at the former GE plant – Electric Works. Were super stocked to be part of this vision. This is going to be an enormous project and will redefine not only the city but the whole north east corner of Indiana. This will be a long term project so we will keep everyone posted as things move along.




Space Farming = Vertical Farming

I have always had a passion for space. I grew up during the space race. I watched the moon landing on our black and white tv. I collected space stuff, magazines, rockets, patches. I went to the cradle of astronauts. So how cool is it that now I am doing space kind of stuff in my farming life. This is a great article from one of the astronauts that is at the forefront of the vertical growing space research, which also has an impact on what were doing here on earth. Here is one of the out takes:

“Vertical farms are driven by the demand for a consistent supply of locally grown, high-quality produce that’s free from pesticides and conserves resources. Much of the growth is enabled by the availability of LED lighting, which can be significantly more efficient electrically than traditional lighting systems, and allows the lamps to be placed close to the plants. “

Agriculture in Space Expert: Deep Horticultural Expertise is Needed for Vertical Farming to Succeed