Do Good

At Sweetwater Urban Farms we have a mission a to help our communities. We support two charity efforts.

One is the DollarFund.

DollarFund is empowering the dollar to do more than it ever has before. Each month, contribute just one dollar, and all donations will be pooled together and given to a well-established charity.

With DollarFund, we can have a million times more of an impact, together. 

Were vested! Make sure you sign up and give your dollar monthly!

Second,  we grow food to do good! We want people to be happy and healthy. Not worried about where their food comes from and not worried about whats in it!

But not everyone has access to good food. Our school children and many of communities do not have access to fresh food. Our children dont know what fresh food is, how to grow it, and what it tastes like! We want to change that.

With our GoFundMe campaign, were raising money one tower at a time that we can then place in a school. Join us as we work to improve the quality of life for the next generation.