Electric Works Continues to Move Forward, Including Sweetwater Urban Farms

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March 10th, 2020, CUMMING, GA – The multi-use site designated Electric Works in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, continues to move forward.  Crystal Vann Wallstrom, Managing Director of Innovation for Electric Works speaks to the progress of the project in the attached link.

Electric Works is described as a well conceptualized mixed-use district of innovation, culture and community that is seamlessly integrated with other downtown development projects currently underway.  One of the seamless integrations includes Sweetwater Urban Farms, a unique greenhouse concept using aeroponic technology, leveraging proven Internet of Things (IoT) to produce nutrient-rich greens and herbs. 

The Sweetwater Urban Farms greenhouse is expected to house up to 400 patented commercial Tower Gardens® and produce an estimated 47,000 pounds of produce a year. Tower Garden aeroponic technology re-circulates valuable water requiring only 10% of the land and water of traditional growing methods.

Listen more to hear how Sweetwater Urban Farms will help to change the complexion of this mixed-use district.  This greenhouse leverages a “zero-mile delivery”[1] system enabling food to be closer to where it is consumed.  Sweetwater Urban Farms is the brainchild of Clint Crowe, a Decatur native with nearly 18 years of experience in healthcare technology.  He founded the Georgia-based company with his wife Sheree in 2017.  Both are looking forward to seeing this site, as well as others in the works in and around Atlanta and Chattanooga, come to life as they continue to grow this unique business model.

[1] Zero-mile delivery is a concept that minimizes the physical distribution distance as a result of growing and harvesting crops which are in close proximity to where they are consumed