May 9, 2018

Farm to School

Farm to school enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and early care and education settings.

“One of the most important facets of the farm to school program is education, not only for the students involved, but for the community as well.” Purdue University

Q: How does Sweetwater Urban Farms participate with farm-to-school?

A: Sweetwater Urban Farms brings multiple solutions to help a local community address farm-school-programs. By building a farm on site at the school we can directly address the need for fresh food in the cafeteria. We can also provide a great education tool for teachers to connect a food source with the student’s food. We can also look for locations in the community to deploy a farm that can be directly distributed to the schools.

Q: So what type of space do you need?

A: Our Tower Farm has many options for your community. A typical footprint would be 3000 sq. feet. This allows for 100 towers. 100 towers can support a school cafeteria and provide food for take home meal programs.

Q: What is the impact from farm-to-school education?

A: Our communities are struggling with numerous chronic disease issues. Sweetwater Urban Farms brings a comprehensive approach to not only targeting the gaps in the school diet but the data for the community to attack food deserts that are impacting our kids. By placing a farm on site, we are able to better educate our kids on how our food is produced and sourced.