May 9, 2018

Farm to Table

Farm to table is one of the hottest trends in the restaurant industry. Chef’s and consumers are focusing on fresh, hyper-local ingredients in their food choices.

“Hyper-local food sourcing, or when a restaurant grows its own ingredients, is the number one concept trend this year among restaurants.” National Restaurant Association

Q: How does Sweetwater Urban Farms help my restaurant meet my needs as a Chef?

A: Sweetwater Urban Farms can provide your restaurant with a huge variety of nutrient rich, pesticide and GMO free greens and herbs grown in your local community. We deliver them with the roots attached for the freshest produce you can buy.

Q: Is your produce certified organic?

A: Our produce is grown in a patented, aeroponic, vertical tower using our patented nutrient mix. The tower uses no soil so we cannot be considered organic. However, our produce is packed with flavor, grown without pesticides, and is GMO free.

Q: What type of produce do you grow?

A: We focus on greens and herbs. We can grow the traditional varieties but we really enjoy working with Chefs to create a growing plan that works for them. We can be very creative in what we grow just as you as a Chef want to be creative in your dishes.

Q: What about your pricing?

A:  Our pricing is very competitive with your current distributors. We work with each restaurant to ensure that there is a fair price structure in place. We know you have to make a living too.