High-tech aeroponic farming company named Purdue Ag-Celerator semi-finalist

October 4th, 2019, ATLANTA, GA – A northeast Indiana native and Purdue graduate, Clint Crowe, with an extensive background in health technology, has had his company chosen by Purdue Foundry’s Ag-Celerator program as a finalist for possible investment funding.

Sweetwater Urban Farms, which utilizes aeroponic technology, augmented with proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) technology to produce nutrient-rich greens and herbs.  These aeroponic tower greenhouses leverage a “zero-mile delivery”[1] system enabling food to be closer to where it is consumed.     

Clint Crowe, a Decatur, IL native with nearly 18 years of experience in healthcare technology, founded the Georgia-based company with his wife Sheree in 2017.

Sweetwater Urban Farms has created a pilot project with Purdue University to test AI technology in their greenhouses and augment the solution with their own proprietary technology. “It’s been a great experience to return to my roots at Purdue to work in collaboration in both agriculture and technology. Purdue excels at both and it’s a real honor to be involved with them and to be chosen as a semifinalist,” said Crowe. “Technology is a critical part of our growing operation and we look to be a leader in this space.”

“The interest we have seen in this farming concept has been tremendous.  Sweetwater Urban Farms will introduce the capability of growing fresh farm goods into areas not previously believed possible.  This will introduce fresh produce grown in an urban setting, making it accessible to local communities in real-time.  Also, combining these farming methods with our IoT, urban farming can be more efficient, scalable and will provide more produce per square foot than traditional farming methods.  You can see why we share the public’s excitement,” said Crowe.

In addition to offering retail sales of its produce, the company will build aeroponic greenhouses in large-scale, mixed-use developments, malls and other commercial sites. Crowe anticipates partnering to leverage these opportunities and bring fresh produce to the urban public, while bringing increased awareness of the value of locally-sourced food and its impact on health and wellness.  Included here are partnerships with the newly announced Electric Works in Fort Wayne, and support for a planned agriculture-technology program at Fort Wayne Community Schools for its planned STEAM[2] school at Electric Works.

About Sweetwater Urban Farms

Sweetwater Urban Farms, an Atlanta-based company founded in 2017 grows greens and herbs in controlled environment greenhouses within mixed use and re-use developments. Utilizing proven and patented aeroponic Tower Garden® technology coupled with their proprietary IoT plant and greenhouse monitoring solutions, Sweetwater Urban Farms sustainably grows food 30% faster using 95% less water in 90% less space than traditional farms. Their mission is to deliver the freshest, most nutritious, naturally grown produce right where people live, work and play.  For more information, visit sweetwaterurbanfarms.com.

[1] Zero-mile delivery is a concept that minimizes the physical distribution distance as a result of growing and harvesting crops which are near where they are consumed

[2] STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics