May 13, 2018

I Like To Grow

Sweetwater Urban Farms is moving into an exciting space in the urban farming landscape. We are building a brand within the retail development community to plant greenhouse “farms” within “green” developments. These greenhouses will have a mass of towers producing a stunning amount of food for the local development. We are finding “blue oceans” as we churn through the opportunities. This space is largely untouched but a high value target.

Our goal is to continue to expand Sweetwater Urban Farms to retail and urban locations throughout the US. We are looking for qualified individuals who share a passion for farming (that means rolling up your sleeves and working hard), have vision, passion, a desire to make difference and can move quickly. This is not a “I’ll think about it” world.

If your interested in what Sweetwater Urban Farms is up to, the direction were going, and if you see the vision, please reach out to us. We would really enjoy a conversation.

If you need to gain a better understanding of what we are doing, please review the following pages:

Farm to Table

Green Retail

Farm to School

Food Deserts

Social Determinants