New Greenhouse is dried in!

We are dried in!

What an amazing weekend! We had an army of helpers show up, beautiful weather, and we were able to finish up the end walls and pull the plastic! It was some work but many hands really helped!

This is a big step as it now means, like a house, we can start working inside to put in the electrical and the plumbing. We are still waiting on Amicalola EMC to get a date schedule for the power pole. That is our major blocker at this point. That said, we still have a good bit of work to do to finish out the house. Plus, we had to spend a day building out the pump house that will hold the power meter and connect with our well.

We did get great news on our well as it turns out its 389 feet deep with a static height of 53 feet. That will mean something to some of you. For us laymen, it means there is a good bit of water in there. Now to get the pump and power and turn it on!

Blueberries also went in this week. That was exciting! Our good friend and mentor Ron brought a couple of his retired buddies and they spent several hours planting out the entire row. What a blessing. They won’t be ready until next year but that’s what we do as farmers. Trust in the future.

Unfortunately, I will not make it to market again this week. We have a farm visit from the USDA. We are excited to meet Brittany as we have been working with her by phone for over a year now! She finally gets to come see our current farm and our new farm.

If you are interested in helping with the construction or some of the field planting, let me know! We would love to have some volunteers out. Its good for the soul!

We are at the greenhouse on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday from 9am – 12pm. If you want to purchase produce you are welcome to come see us and we can pull it right away!

To stay up to date, you may want to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or our YouTube Channel. I have a good bit of video content to get out to the YouTube Channel (it’s a little sparse right now) but its coming!

Thanks for all the amazing support. We are excited about the future at the new farm.

Questions, please reach out!

We will keep growing and we want you to keep eating! If there is something that you really like, let us know and we will grow more! If there is something we can do better, let us know!

Stop by and see us!
Clint, Sheree, and Kim
Sweetwater Urban Farms