Kale – Red Russian


Of all of the hardy greens, none are more popular than the many members of the kale family, and dark green, red-stemmed Russian kale may well be the sweetest of all. The tips of the leaves are tender enough to be eaten raw, but they are infinitely improved by cooking.

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Red Russian Kale has flat, fringed leaves that resemble big oak leaves, large arugula leaves, or the outer leaves of a mature cabbage. Its leaves can have a red tinge and a reddish-purple tinge to the stems, and has a great flavor that is described as sweet and mild with a little bit of pepperiness. Although Red Russian Kale is one of the sweetest kales, be sure to remove as much of the stems as possible before cooking. It has incredibly tough and woody fibrous stems that are difficult to chew and swallow, and they could cause stomach upset.

How to store:

Refrigerate in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

How to prepare:

Simmer kale in olive oil and garlic with just the moisture that remains attached to the leaves after washing. The longer and slower you cook it, the sweeter it seems to get.

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