December 19, 2018

Standard Chives

Lot Number: 1
Thank you for your purchase. We hope that you will enjoy your fresh Standard Chives! Here is the history of where they came from and how they got to you.

All of our seeds are sourced as non-GMO. Your seeds were part of a seed lot (7438) from Johnny’s Select Seed. Your seeds were started by Sheree and Kim at our Cumming, GA farm on 10/29.

Your seeds grew up and became seedlings and were lovingly cared for in our greenhouse in Cumming, GA. On 11/13 your seedlings were placed into one of our aeroponic Tower Gardens.  Your seedling grew in the following conditions:
Avg Temperature: 56 degrees F
Avg Light level: 3000 lux
Avg Nutrient level: 500 micrograms of our special nutrient mix
Pest Control: None

Your Standard Chives were harvested on 12/2 and packaged the same day by Clint. The Standard Chives were picked up by Farmd and deliver to your table the same day. 

We always recommend that you wash your Standard Chives just to get the dust off from the greenhouse. Whatever you use your Standard Chive for we hope you enjoy them and come back for more! We set a high standard with our growing practices and you can trust you are getting the highest quality product as if you had grown it yourself. 

We’ll see you around the farm!

Clint and Sheree