Space Farming = Vertical Farming

I have always had a passion for space. I grew up during the space race. I watched the moon landing on our black and white tv. I collected space stuff, magazines, rockets, patches. I went to the cradle of astronauts. So how cool is it that now I am doing space kind of stuff in my farming life. This is a great article from one of the astronauts that is at the forefront of the vertical growing space research, which also has an impact on what were doing here on earth. Here is one of the out takes:

“Vertical farms are driven by the demand for a consistent supply of locally grown, high-quality produce that’s free from pesticides and conserves resources. Much of the growth is enabled by the availability of LED lighting, which can be significantly more efficient electrically than traditional lighting systems, and allows the lamps to be placed close to the plants. “

Agriculture in Space Expert: Deep Horticultural Expertise is Needed for Vertical Farming to Succeed


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