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We're moving & growing!

After 3 years of successful and profitable farming, we are ready to expand! We have a pending lease on an established 22-acre farm in Ball Ground, Georgia!

With funding, we will immediately prepare 2 acres to build a new greenhouse and move our Tower Gardens and seedling production. This will allow us to minimize disruption to our customers and our plants and be in full swing before spring. Then we will tear down our existing greenhouse and move it to the new farm. Two greenhouses will allow us to separate our food production and our seedling production to grow more of each and serve more people.

We will also have 2 acres to grow vegetables and flowers in the ground. The fields have healthy organic soil with raised beds and irrigation that recently grew hemp just waiting for us to grow more fresh, nutritious food!
Help Us Grow!

To raise the funds needed to move, we have partnered with Steward. Steward is the world’s first CrowdFarming platformTM, helping sustainable farms to flourish by letting regular people invest in them directly, and prosper alongside them. So whether you're an investor looking to build your wealth without compromising your values, or a farmer looking for the back-up you need to take that next step, with Steward everybody wins.

Click here to learn more about Steward & how to join us!

  • Target Raise


  • Interest Rate


  • Loan Terms

    60 months but our plan is 36 months
    90 day deferment

  • Minimum contribution


Our focus

At Sweetwater Urban Farms, our calling is farm-to-table (feed people) and table-to-soul (love people).
Our mission is to bring people around the table and connect communities through fresh, safe, nutritious, local food direct from the farm.
Fresh Produce

Our naturally grown food is harvested the day you take it home for the freshest & most nutritious food available for your family. Our lettuce is packaged with roots-on to maintain their texture, taste and nutrients even longer.


As ATL Urban Farms, we grow and sell a large variety of seedlings for soil-less gardens like Tower Garden and soil gardens. Seedlings are available in the greenhouse or order online to ship to the eastern half of US.

Home Gardens

Want to grow your own food at home but don’t have the time, space or ability to dig and weed? We can help! We sell and support Tower Gardens to grow food in your kitchen or on your patio. You just need 2 square feet and access to water and electricity!

Commercial Farms

Now entrepreneurs, businesses, and agents of social change can easily and sustainably grow nutritious produce for their communities with Tower Farms. As Authorized Commercial Reps for Tower Farms, we can help you setup your own greenhouse and Tower Gardens for commercial use.

Our Team

Clint Crowe
Clint Crowe
Greenhouse Manager, Tower Farmer, Technologist, PopPop
Sheree Crowe
Sheree Crowe
Seedling & Tower Garden Support, Finance & Marketing, Nana
Kim Coppola
Kim Coppola
Seedling Whisperer, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Mimi
Meredith Lucas
Meredith Lucas
Customer Support, Marketing, Mom Extraordinaire

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